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Alastair Campbell helps me raise £4,000 for BOS

Alastair Campbell

With the help of Alastair Campbell, £4,000 was raised last night at a fundraiser I organised for Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP. The funds will stock the campaign war chest ahead of the next general election in 2015, where Labour will challenge Lib Dem Simon Hughes for his seat.

The gala dinner was well supported by about 150 people, with 125 of them coming out on a Monday night to enjoy an Italian meal, speeches, auctions and raffles.

During my opening speech, I paid tribute to Cllr Helen Morrissey for her contribution to Southwark and beyond.  I closed it by urging the crowd to get out and campaign ahead of the crucial by-election in Corby on 15th November. Not forgetting the two by-elections closer to home. The first being in East Walworth, which will be very close, and the second in Croydon North where Steve Reed needs help to increase Labour’s majority.

When Alastair got up to talk, he underscores the importance of CLPs fundraising all the time and not just when there’s an election around the corner. He also spoke about the three legs needed to win: fundraising, campaigning and policy.

Our CLP chair, George Foulkes, put in a rousing speech about how 2015 will be Labour’s best chance in a long while to beat Simon Hughes.

The lively auction conducted by Southwark Council Leader, Peter John, saw unique prizes like lunch with comedian Jo Brand fetching £350!

Many thanks to my organising team who helped on the night. They were of course Mary Foulkes, Sheila Taylor, Mary Doherty, James King, James Gill and Chris Ng.


Written by Reporter