The All People’s Party (APP)
 is a political party of community champions fighting for equality at the top in Southwark and beyond.

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Why we created APP

The All People’s Party was created for three reasons:

  1. To fight for equality at the top in all boroughs across the UK to ensure minorities, women, young people and working class people are equally and proportionately represented at the top. This will be evaluated on a borough by borough basis.

For example in Southwark, it is unacceptable that out of the top 13 political leaders in Southwark, including 12 from Labour, we have only one minority leader. It is an insult to talented minorities that only 10% of political power is given at the top to those who make up 45% of the borough’s population and 70% of Labour’s vote.

There are boroughs where women and working class people are not proportionately represented at the top. And in those boroughs, we will fight for them.

  1. To give avenues and leadership opportunities for all people, young and old, who want to represent and lead their communities NOW without having to go through the bureaucracy of a political party.
  1. To ensure our communities come first before party loyalty.


APP in Southwark

Our vision

  •  APP believes we must have 50% talented minorities at the top political decision making table in Southwark by 2020.
  • APP believes we must have interview panels at every level and in all fields, made up of diverse people, so minorities are not unfairly removed from positions of power and have equal opportunities to the top leadership positions.
  • APP believes we must have a talented minority in the House of Commons for Southwark by 2015.


What we will fight for

Equality at the top

APP will fight for proportionate representation of minorities by having 50% talented minorities at the top decision making table.

It is unacceptable that out of the top 12 Labour leaders in Southwark, we have only one minority leader. Talented minorities are community champions and it is an insult that Labour takes 70% of minority votes but only gives 10% of political power at the top. In exchange terms, this means we give £1 but only get back 14p. APP will stand up for all talented minorities.

Leadership opportunities NOW for all young people

APP will provide leadership opportunities NOW for all young people. 

It is unacceptable that leadership opportunities have only been made available to the few who belong to special cliques.  Our young people and community champions want opportunities now. They don’t want to go through the current bureaucratic political system and for their skills to be hugely underutilized as foot soldiers for the rest of their lives. APP will give our talented community champions opportunities to lead and represent their communities NOW.

Community First

APP will put our community first with the belief we are one people irrespective of our background and journey.

Our current politicians are out of touch with the community they represent: they select and reward candidates on their loyalty to the party and political campaigning ability and not on their competency and ability to make a positive difference in their communities. We want our community champions to be able to lead our communities at the top NOW without joining a party or waiting for years before they might get a chance. APP will be the voice of our voiceless community and work hard for all people in the community.


What we will work towards

Decent jobs for all by 2020

APP will lead consortiums of employers, young people and educators to create new jobs and build business bridges to emerging markets.

The unemployment rate is higher in Southwark than in London and neighbouring boroughs. Young people need jobs NOW. APP will provide leadership opportunities, workshops and training and work with global employers based in Southwark to deliver jobs.

Decent homes for all by 2030

APP will fight for massive new investment in affordable housing.

We have 20,000 hard working people on the housing waiting list: they deserve decent homes. APP will fight for massive new investment and follow Southwark’s Housing Commission report to build more homes in Southwark.

A Living Wage for all by 2020

APP will campaign for all Southwark businesses to become Living Wage employers and legislate for a Living Wage Act.

Many people, men and women in our community are working two or more jobs, 60 hours a week on minimum wage left with no time to care for their families. APP will make Southwark a Living Wage Borough by 2020.

A United Community by 2020

APP will promote equality, especially at the top, in everything we do and organise quarterly cross-community events to celebrate our diversity in Southwark

Too many in our community feel isolated from the rest of the community and don’t have opportunities to come together with their neighbours and community. APP will promote integration by running event celebrating diversity and all age groups 4 times a year and will ensure that all flagship events organised by Southwark Council reflect all, and include everyone in Southwark with its different cuisines, cultures and characters.