Abdul Mohamed running for the Robes Project

I’m very pleased to be supporting the Robes Project by sponsoring Abdul Mohamed to run the London marathon this year.

The Robes Project is a fantastic charity based in Southwark that supports homeless people. Abdul Mohamed, the former Mayor of Southwark, is running his third London marathon in a row and is aiming to raise £800 for the charity. I got the ball rolling by contributing £100.

Me (left) at the Robes sleepout and Abdul (right) with one of his London Marathon medals


Time And Talents' 125th Year Event
with Dinah Cox (centre) and Abdul (right)


Well done Abdul for helping the homeless. Have a good run!

You can sponsor Abdul through his Just Giving page here.


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Written by Prem Goyal

Prem is a City entrepreneur, political activist and community organiser. He is a Magistrate, charity Trustee and active Patron to a number of community organisations in Southwark.