A day on the campaign trail with Prem Goyal

Ever wondered what a day on the campaign trail is like for an MP candidate? We followed APP’s parliamentary candidate for Camberwell & Peckham, Prem Goyal, to experience a typical day’s campaigning.

Prem's day 1


We start the day in Camberwell outside Sir John Kirk Close in Camberwell. There’s no time to waste, so let’s knock on some doors!

Prem's day 2
Our future Prime Ministers?


We meet a mother and her two children. She agrees with Prem that we need equality at the top so her children can do their best in life without glass ceilings cutting their dreams short.

Later we talk to a resident who tells us they are totally fed up with the council’s services. They insist we come inside to see for ourselves the damp problem they’ve been battling for three years with no help from the council. We are told the damp has become a health risk and is causing one of the residents breathing trouble.

Prem's day 3

Prem says he sees problems like this everyday, which is why Camberwell & Peckham needs an MP who will stand up to the council on behalf of residents, unlike Harriet Harman, who will not criticise her Labour colleagues.

We stop for a working lunch with two team members at a local cafe on Southampton Way. Prem tucks into an omelette and discusses the design of the next campaign leaflet and strategy.

Prem always likes to support our local small businesses
Prem always wants to support our local small businesses


Very soon we’re back out talking to more residents.

Prem's day 5

It is very encouraging that so many people are now aware of All People’s Party and people frequently stop Prem in the street to say hello and say they’re voting APP! With 17,000 promises of support already, Prem Goyal can certainly win in Camberwell & Peckham.

The day ended with another quick team meeting. In all Prem had about 50 conversations with residents and visited 100 homes. Prem said he believes in hard work, not luck, so he will be out again doing exactly the same the next day and the day after that.

Make sure you vote for Prem Goyal on Thursday 7th May!

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