15,000 promises and counting for May 2015!

15,000 promises and counting for May 2015_2

The 7th May is fast approaching, and we are delighted to share that the All People’s Party action team and Prospective Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham, Prem Goyal, have passed 15,000 voting promises for May 2015!

This week we are continuing our campaigning in Livesey and The Lane wards. Our focus will be on our policy pledges such as repealing stop and search, creating 5,000 jobs in 5 years, building 10,000 social homes in 10 years, fighting for an amnesty for immigration overstayers and pushing for safer cycling infrastructure.

15,000 promises and counting for May 2015_3

Residents are disillusioned with a Labour Party that continues to either neglect these important issues or have failed miserably to deliver any solutions for them.

We would like to thank the 15,000 Southwark residents for joining our fight for equality at the top and our vision of One Southwark.

Written by APP Reporter

APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.