100 campaigning sessions in 2012

Canvassing with the General Secretary, Iain McNicol

Phew, I’ve done it. I’ve reached my target of doing 100 campaigning sessions for the Labour Part in 2012! The total as it stands is 101 and there’s still some time left in December to get out a few more times. It’s been an exciting year to say the least with the London mayoral election and a flurry of by-elections.

Roughly broken down, I did 25-odd sessions over the mayoral and GLA campaign; 16 sessions across three trips to the Corby by-election; 10 sessions for Croydon North by-election; 21 for East Walworth by-election; 10 for Southwark boroughwide campaigns and 19 for my local CLP, Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

It was a pleasure to door knock, leaflet and phone-canvass alongside so many amazing activists, councillors, assembly members, MPs, Lords and party staff.  At the same time, I’ve honed my skills in the art of campaign management, including managing voter id, running boards for GOTV and using WARP sheets on polling day.  From Corby to Croydon, I’m proud of the commitment and camaraderie shown by the Labour’s army of people.

The goal next year is again at least 100 sessions and I’m looking forward to campaigning hard to spread Labour’s positive message and working towards a Labour victory at the next general election.

Written by Reporter